Duets bring us together

Me, Leo and Joerg

Gerald Ganglbauer
Founder of Parkinsong Duets

I am not Bob Geldof, but I sang a couple of times on stage with Joerg Veselka & Leo Kysèla and Norbert Wally of The Base, which, having Parkinson's myself, inspired me to Parkinsong Duets, a project, that aims to become some sort of Band Aid for Parkinson's.

Singers/bands/singer-songwriters are invited to sing beautiful duets – either dedicate an existing song, or write one for a person with Parkinson's of their liking* – where the voice of the Rockstar makes an interesting contrast to the other, the unknown voice of a person with Parkinson's.

* Auditions at the local Parkinson's support group.

Me and Joerg
Me and Norbert

Singing is an excellent therapy with Parkinson's, so many Parkinsong projects exist already: A Revue from Germany, a Singing Group in Victoria or 38 Songs of Hope from Princeton, NJ, and others.

Parkinsong Duets is a non-profit organisation, uniting people with Parkinson's with artists and producers, and was founded 2016 for the sole purpose of recording one CD only.

This unique music CD is made to raise more awareness of Parkinson's disease, and hopefully help among other initiatives to find a cure in the not so distant future.

The CD will be launched at the 5. World Parkinson Congress 2019 in Kyoto.

Write to duets@parkinsong.org to express your interest in participating.


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